Whelford Pools consist of three bodies of water.

Top lake:

A three acre lake with 18 swims, The lake has two main bodies connected via a narrow channel, with varying depths from 3-9 ft . The lake has many gravel bars, silt channels, three islands, back channels and some of the best margin fishing available.

This lake has the biggest known carp on the complex, currently recorded at 31lbs.(fully scaled)

The fish stock in this lake has been selected for looks over growth. There are 250 carp present with mixed sizes from 7-31 lbs.

The stock in this lake are really bait fish , we recommend you speak to either Stephen or Olly on arrival in the tackle shop and they will discuss the relevant tactics that have proven successful. https://thecarpswolds.co.uk/top-lake/

Willow Pool :

 A stunning four acre lake set in the gardens of our two exclusive high quality holiday homes

“Willow” Click to view https://thecarpswolds.co.uk/willow/

“Heron” Click to view  https://thecarpswolds.co.uk/heron/

This lake benefits from a large stock of mixed size carp from 6-25 lbs. The fish have shown great potential and have benefited from a long term feeding programme so be prepared for some real lookers!

The lakes depths vary from 5-16 ft  with numerous plateaus, gravel bars, humps, lily pads, reed beds and an island, a seriously stunning venue.

Willow pool has 10 available swims and 3 exclusive swims for Willow and Heron cottages.

To view all holiday accommodation :  www.lakeviewholidays.co.uk/


Barley Pool:

Barley pool is an exclusive use intimate lake and is approximately one acre.

The lake benefits from a fishing lodge incorporating a sofa, table, microwave, electric heating, Wifi ,DVD player and private decking. There are shower and toilet facilities available for the exclusive use by anglers hiring Barley Pool.

The lake has four swims and can accommodate three anglers. It is fully tree lined with reed beds, gravel bars and an island make this a lovely looking venue!

Barley pool has depths varying from 3-5 ft  so is a great all year round venue.

The fish stock is approximately 75 carp upto  28lbs with the majority being mid doubles. These fish consist of many linears, half linears and scattered scaled fish. A great venue for a private gathering.

Click to view : https://thecarpswolds.co.uk/barley-pool/